About the artist

Born and raised in the border town of El Paso, TX, as a child of Korean immigrants (one of which was a poet), Suzy was born into a world overflowing with language. Because of this, she learned how to use language to navigate difficult situations. She went on to study Politics and Human Rights, where despite her intention to find solutions in governmental policies, she found that some of the greatest change in the world came from the work of artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers. After a career of working with several non-profit organizations, she decided to join the ranks of her heroes and found her place in using calligraphy to amplify important messages of change. She has worked with other artists, many non-profits, start-ups, writers and musicians. In each of these projects, she uses the medium of calligraphy, to give character and life to letters that form words, that form messages...hopefully creating a space that will change a mind, encourage a heart, quicken a step and in turn, affect the world. When she set out to study Politics, she never knew that her journey would lead her to calligraphy. But her journey led her back to her familiar place, language...and the wealth of power that lies in our words.